Hi folks,

My name is Lindsay Hamilton, I am a 20-something year old Glaswegian who currently works part-time as a Tour Guide at the Scottish Football Museum. 

I am an unapologetic stadium hopper who is completely incapable of visiting a new city without checking out the local football ground, and it is my privilege to introduce you to Glasgow’s new tourism experience. 

The Glasgow Football Tour has been a vision of mine for some time now and I am delighted to finally be bringing it to life. Glasgow and those of us who call it home know that football runs through the very core of the city and I want to tell the world why it is so deeply engrained in our past, present & future. 

Glasgow is unique in hosting four stadiums, five football teams (formerly seven), our national stadium, a world-renowned footballing rivalry and boasts a history that is rooted in the very beginning of the game as we know it today. For over a century our city has been so deeply embedded in a football culture that has amassed an infinite number of stories. 

I welcome you to join us on the Glasgow Football Tour to get a real sense of the cities rich football history and culture. 

Visitors will take in the sights and be entertained by the stories of Glasgow’s rich football heritage on our 2-hour driven tour of the city. An experienced tour guide (me) will blow you away with incredible tales of Glasgow’s great footballing past (and present) making routine stops at Firhill Stadium, Ibrox Stadium, Cathkin Park, Hampden Park and Celtic Park. 

Travel back in time with us and experience the world's greatest footballing city.  


Wee Lindsay.