Glasgow and those of us who call it home know that football runs through the very core of the city and so we wish to offer a fun and informative 2-hour driven tour around the city exploring the past, present and future of our unique football culture. 

Glasgow hosts four stadiums, five football teams (formerly seven), our national stadium, a world-renowned footballing rivalry and boasts a history that is rooted in the very beginning of the game as we know it today.

Join us on one of our one of a kind football tours of the city. 


Sean, Glasgow

Maureen, Lymington

Maureen, Lymington

"The Glasgow Football Tour gives a fantastic insight to not only the clubs and their impressive stadiums, but also to the history of football within Glasgow and Scotland."

Maureen, Lymington

Maureen, Lymington

Maureen, Lymington

"A walking, talking textbook of football knowledge. An amazing tour; I've been much enlightened."

Martin, London

Maureen, Lymington

Martin, London

"Lindsay speaks with passion; it's coming from the heart. This is a special tour."

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Glasgow Football Tour

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